天然手工乳酪品嚐入門課Artisan Cheese Tasting


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日期:預約制,請於訂單備註欄説明希望日期及時段,我們將以電話或email確認該時段是否可進行 reservation only. When placing an order, please leave a note about your preferred schedule. We will either call or email to confirm if that time slot is available.
人數:小班制 limited seats
地點:Formozza手工起司專賣店(403台中市西區五權西二街92號)venue : 92, Wu Quan West 2nd St
適合對象:對乳酪有興趣想入門者 Suitable for anyone who is interested in artisan cheese or wants to learn more about pairings

1. 手工起司工作坊參觀,乳酪製程簡介 Workshop tour. Brief intro of artisan cheese making
2. 每人一起司盤,品嚐與解説在地製作及進口各式起司, 共8種, 佐以麵包及發酵奶油 cheese plate consisiting of 8 types of cheese. Cultured butter and bread are also served
3.    如何分切、處理、保存起司 how to cut and take care of cheese
4.    起司基本搭配原則 basic pairing principle

5. Q&A、互動、討論、交換心得 Q&A and discussion

6. 含1杯白酒、水及咖啡 a glass of white wine and coffee are included

費用:每位NT$1050 per person $1050

課程注意事項: 1. 主辦單位保留舉辦與否及異動的權利 2. 採取事先繳款報名,訂單付款完成始列入課程學員名單 3. 退費標準: (1) 開課前7天前取消預定,扣除手續費$100後全額退 (2) 開課前7天內(含7天)取消預定,恕不退還也無法轉為其他課程,但可轉為其他學員前來參加 4. 產品照為示意,當天實際品嚐起司會依季節不同變化 Please note: 1. Dida Creamery reserves the right to cancel, alter or reschedule a class 2. Submitting your information does not guarantee a booking. A booking can only be guaranteed after payment has been received from you and if a seat is available 3. Participants must be over age of 18 4. Refund: (1) In the event a participant needs to cancel a booked class, cancellation more than 7 days prior to the date of the class, the full amount will be refunded ($50 transaction fee will be deducted before refund) (2) Cancellation of a class within 7 days of the scheduled class, the full amount of the class will be forfeited and no option to reschedule will be available. The class is transferable to another person and cancelling participants can send someone to take their place.




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