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焗烤山羊乳酪義大利麵Baked Goat Cheese Pasta

在Tik Tok突然爆紅的一道簡單料理,原食譜用Feta製作,我們用自家一款山羊乳酪,叫做Crema Goat軟質山羊乳酪,比Feta來的不鹹及較溼潤。這道食譜很容易上手,從準備到上菜只花40分鐘,先看一下完成品: This recipe got wildly popular on Til Tok. Originally it was baked with Feta. We substituted it with Dida's very own Crema Goat, a softer and less salty version. It's an easy recipe. Takes about 40 minutes from prep to serve. This is what it looks like when finished:  4人份 For 4 servings  準備食材 Ingredients 450 g 義大利麵 (直管麵 / 貓耳朵 / 蝴蝶等形狀都可) 1/2 lb (450 g) pasta  118 cc 橄欖油 1/2 cup (118 cc) olive oil 500 g 玉女番茄 500g cherry tomatos 200 g Dida軟質山羊乳酪 7 oz (200 g) Dida Crema Goat Cheese 4串蒜頭 (可不加) 4 garlic cloves (optional) 小撮紅辣椒片 pinch of red chili flakes  1把新鮮羅勒葉 handful of fresh basil leaves 海鹽 sea salt 黑胡椒 black pepper 作法Instructions 淋一些橄欖油在烤盤上 Pour some olive on the bottom of the baking dish 把整塊乳酪放上去 Place the whole cheese on top 在乳酪上面灑些紅辣椒片 Put a pinch of red chili flakes on top of the cheese 再淋一些橄欖油 Pour more olive oil on top 將玉女番茄放在烤盤側邊,用烤盤內的橄欖油滾勻 Place the cherry tomatoes on the sides and roll around in oil 灑一些黑胡椒及海鹽調味 Grind some pepper and season with pinch of salt 放進烤箱中間那層,溫度設在 400 F/ 200 C,烤15分鐘 Bake in 400 F / 200 C for 15 minutes in the middle rack 溫度設在440 F / 225 C,將烤盤改放到最上層,用焗烤模式,再烤10分鐘 Turn the heat to 440 F / 225 C, move the dish to the upper rack and use the grilling mode for another 10 minutes. 滾水煮義大利麵,質地要剛剛好al dente Cook the pasta al dente according to cooking instructions 乳酪撥小塊,和番茄扮在一起 Break the cheese a bit and mix with tomatoes 將義大利麵和以上醬汁拌勻,加一大把新鮮羅勒葉 Mix the sauce with pasta and add plenty of basil leaves 大蒜和這道焗烤麵非常搭,若要加,可以切半,和玉女番茄一起加進去,用橄欖油滾勻Garlic goes well with baked feta pasta. To add garlic cut four garlic cloves in half length-wise, toss them in same time as the tomatoes and roll in olive oil      

十步驟做出墨西哥起司烤餅-刨絲新鮮白切達篇 10 Steps to making Quesadilla with fresh grated white cheddar

「媽媽,我肚子餓了,可以吃什麼?有什麼可以立刻上桌的東西?」 有,快速又好吃! 這是少數闆娘很有信心,快速又不會搞砸的一道健康好吃點心。為了掩蓋我不會下廚的事實,所以硬擠出十個步驟。Yes you read it right, there are 10 steps to maing a good quesadilla that I may have just made up for the sake of this article.  第一步:拿出麵粉餅皮一片 Step 1. Take out the tortilla  第二步:拿出Dida刨絲白切達乳酪絲  Step 2. Take out Dida's grated white cheddar  第三步:把平底鍋放到瓦斯爐上 Step 3. Put a pan on the stove 第四步:把瓦斯爐打開,小到中火 Step 4. Turn on the stove. Low to medium heat 第五步:把麵粉餅放到平底鍋上 Step 5. Put the tortilla on the pan 第六步:把起司抓一把,放到麵粉餅上 Step 6. A couple of generous pinches of grated cheddar, and put the cheese on the tortilla  第七步:等起司融化(差不多3分鐘) Step 7. Wait for the cheese to melt (maybe 3 minutes) 第八步:把餅皮折一半 Fold the tortilla in half 第九步:起鍋 Step 9. Take the tortilla out of the pan 第十步:切成小塊 Step 10. Cut in small pieces 小孩說:好好吃喔,可以再麻煩請您幫我煎一片嗎?這一聽就知道是假的,我的小孩不會這麼客氣的問,他只會說,我還要吃!!! Kid says: This is tasty. May I have another one? Ok I'm kidding, he wouldn't say May I.